Dos Toros Selects xtraCHEF to Streamline Restaurant Accounting Functions

15 February 2019 / By admin

NEW YORKJuly 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — xtraCHEF, an automated accounts payable and food cost intelligence platform built for the restaurant industry, today announced that Dos Toros Taqueria has chosen to implement their invoice processing solution to streamline restaurant accounting functions. Dos Toros, the growing, fast-casual Mexican concept with 15 locations in New York City and 3 in Chicago, is outsourcing and streamlining restaurant accounting functions as part of a responsible growth strategy.

“We’re excited to bring on xtraCHEF to automate manual accounting work at the store level,” said Irfan Shikari, Financial Controller at Dos Toros. “Not only will xtraCHEF help us control costs, but it will invariably allow us to spend less time manually inputting data entry and more time coaching our team and delighting our guests.”

Dos Toros will leverage xtraCHEF’s integration with Restaurant365, a restaurant accounting and management software. Store managers now simply take a photo or scan and upload the paper invoices, and their work is done. xtraCHEF then extracts all line-item details from the invoices and delivers the accurate purchase data to Restaurant365’s accounting and inventory management modules in a timely manner. Users can easily access invoice images from xtraCHEF’s cloud-based document management module or directly from within Restaurant365 in just a few clicks.

“The food, company culture, and team at Dos Toros combine for a winning recipe,” said Dayna Barringer, VP of Sales for xtraCHEF. “We’re excited to partner with them to support their continued growth and success.”

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