Founders Friday – Landit

15 February 2019 / By admin

September 18, 2018, 3:50 PM IST

Friday Morning

It’s Friday, which means time to head to NY’s hidden gem – Founder’s Friday. This week’s featured guest is Lisa Skeete Tatum. Lisa is exactly who you would want to run into on a Friday morning – genuine, down to earth, and absolutely engaging through her dialogue with those in the audience. Lisa began by providing a background about herself, then delving into her platform, and of course providing her two cents on tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who are trying to maneuver the tricky startup world.

Lisa Skeete Tatum

Lisa’s story is unique as she was first a successful Venture Capitalist at Cardinal Partners and a proud HBS alum. Lisa, emphasized that her path to creating a startup began by trying to figure out a career where she could marry her passions and interests to develop something of significance. Through some soul-searching and help from her cofounder Shelia Marcelo, out came the creation Landit. In 2014, the platform began as a personalized career management resource for women. “Landit was created to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace, and to enable companies to attract, develop and retain high-potential diverse talent”.

Landit Platform

Landit is a personalized playbook for those those seeking to move their career forward by empowering the user with tools, resources, know-how, and human connections needed to more successfully navigate their career path. The platform is unique because of its targeted approach that is designated to ensure the user is reaching his/her fullest potential. There is both a b2b and b2c model for the offering.

So what do you get as a Landit member? You will be able to polish your personal brand, keep track of your weekly progress/accomplishments, build and leverage your own personal board of advisors, get a coach to help you craft a strategy, check out other opportunities and fellowships, and gain new skills.

What do I like?

The potential to unlock the upward mobility of millions around the globe, especially women, is an impactful mission. According to data from the US Census Bureau, on average women earn 80.5 cents to every 1 dollar earned by a man. The difference in income, combines with the millions of women facing an inflection point in their careers, calls for a community driven platform such as Landit.

What catches my eye is the ability to have your own board of directors that help guide you through your career path. What a great idea! Treating the individual as a brand – a company – that a group of people can help mentor to success.