Isaac Blech

Mr. Blech is a renowned biotechnology entrepreneur and investor, who, over the past 35 years, has founded and served on the board of companies which have produced major advances in a broad array of diseases. The companies he established include: (1) Celgene Corporation, the world’s leader in cancer and hematology with a current market value in excess of $80 billion, (2) ICOS Corporation, developer of the drug Cialis that was later purchased by Eli Lilly, (3) Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation, developer of a new treatment for brain cancer, Gliadel, later acquired by Johnson and Johnson, (4) Pathogenesis Corporation, developer of the leading drug for cystic fibrosis that was eventually bought by Chiron,  and (5) Genetics Systems Corporation, developer of the first rapid accurate diagnostic for chlamydia and the first accurate test to safe guard the world’s blood supply from the AIDS virus, before being purchased by Bristol Myers.


Mr. Blech’s current roles include Director of Cerecor, Inc., a  CNS company, Director of ContraFect Corporation, an infectious disease company, Vice Chairman of Edge Therapeutics, Inc., a company that treats life-threatening neurological conditions and Vice Chairman of InspireMD, a stent company. He is Vice Chairman of Centrexion Corporation, a private company which is developing new modalities of pain control,  Vice Chairman of X4 Pharmaceuticals, a private cancer immunology company, Vice Chairman of Sapience Therapeutics, an private oncology company and Vice Chairman of Aridis Pharmaceuticals, a private company with a product to treat pneumonia. He also serves as Vice Chairman of WaveGuide Corporation, a private company developing the world’s smallest NMR machine, and Vice Chairman of Alveo, a private company developing a hand held diagnostic device to replace PCR. He is also Vice Chairman of X-VAX Technology, Inc., a private vaccine company whose initial product is a preventative vaccine for Herpes 1 and Herpes 2. He is also Vice Chairman of SpendSmart Networks, Inc., an electronic rewards company.