Meghan v2Meghan works closely with CCP’s portfolio companies and retained search clientele. Originally from Silicon Valley, Meghan’s passion for technology is deeply ingrained in her DNA.  She comes from a family of entrepreneurs who taught her that an idea is nothing without proper execution and the right team.  Prior to joining CCP, and with an investment from a lead angel investor at Sequoia, Meghan built a digital media platform.  After selling the platform in 2008, she then partnered with Next New Networks and NBC’s New York NonStop to produce and co-host a popular Internet chat show, TMI weekly. Meghan led the technology segments, interviewing hundreds of technology companies. Before starting her own company, she advised and worked with other web-based technology startups.  Meghan began her career as an analyst at one of the largest technology-focused hedge funds, after graduating from the University of Southern California.  She also has her MBA from Columbia University.  In Meghan’s spare time, she hosts invite-only FounderMade events to help connect early-stage entrepreneurs to inspirational leaders and mentors.

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