Vital Vio, Inc. Granted Fourth Patent for Its Innovative White Light Disinfection™ Technology Powering Its Germ-Killing LEDs

21 April 2018 / By admin

Vital Vio was granted this latest patent for its “Single Diode Disinfection” technology, which allows for single component integration into LED light engines, enabling compatibility across a wide range of industry standard LED light fixtures and other products.

CEO Colleen Costello, who co-founded Vital Vio in 2012 after her grandmother contracted MRSA during a hospital stay, said: “This Single Diode Disinfection technology patent, building on our existing robust intellectual property portfolio, with additional patents pending, is affirmation of Vital Vio’s long term commitment to and success in driving innovation in continuous disinfection technology. Infection prevention is one of the most vexing and costly global health challenges. Companies and consumers are quickly adopting Vital Vio’s innovative, effective, and versatile option to add a layer of protection against deadly germs. We are just getting started.”

Vital Vio’s technology is proven effective – by independent research and case studies – to safely and continuously kill bacteria and other harmful organisms including: MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, and C. diff. growing on interior surfaces.

Vital Vio partners with existing lighting industry leaders to incorporate its patented White Light Disinfection technology into their product offerings. A range of antibacterial lights, manufactured by existing licensing partners and powered by Vital Vio technology, are currently available to commercial and retail customers.

Ellumi Lighting™, a line of bacteria-killing under-cabinet lights for retail customers, powered by Vital Vio’s newly patented technology, was recently launched by partner Evolution Lighting, a leading residential lighting manufacturer. Homeowners can purchase Ellumi under-cabinet lights via ,, and Amazon.

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